Hi, I'm Bryn!


As a technical specialist in Advanced Email Marketing (Klaviyo), eCommerce Growth Strategy and eCommerce Conversion Optimisation my job is to develop and build effective long term growth strategies for my eCommerce based clients.

Proudly, I am one of only two accredited Klaviyo Platinum Partner’s in the Australia-Pacific region and winner of the Australian Women in Digital, Digital Marketer of the Year Award 2018.



Since starting with me, Evolve Skateboards have seen a 59x return on their automated flow revenue alone. Not including campaigns and still growing!

Since starting with me, Seed & Sprout have seen a 54x return on their automated flow revenue alone. Not including campaigns and still growing!

After building Cleo Harpers extensive flow strategy, one of their current Abandoned Cart emails has a conversion rate of 52.3% overall time.


From $99,810 in September to $340,981 in December.

This client started off with my eCommerce Audit followed by a monthly retainer to help them build their overall eCommerce strategy, Klaviyo account and develop their key sales strategies for BFCM and Christmas. This was all done whilst building on their AOV and not devaluing their brand through discounting.

You're probably thinking "so what do you do Bryn?"


The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight.



It was clear that we already had measurable results from her recommendations within two weeks and the costs associated with her services had paid for themselves almost overnight once we began implementing them.

Fleur Anning, Co-Founder at Evolve Skateboards

Bryn is every eCommerce business’ secret weapon! We’ve had the pleasure of working with Bryn for eCommerce audits & Klaviyo setup and optimisation. She is extremely knowledgable, professional and a perfectionist with every project she takes on. We were blown away by the results, and we were able to make our return on investment within just two weeks of the setup and integration. If you’re sitting on the fence, don’t waste another minute! This is the BEST investment you will ever make for your business.

Olivia Jenkins, General Manager at VANI-T

Since working with Bryn I have noticed a huge difference in our revenue from email. Prior to working with Bryn and Klayvio we used Mailchimp and our % was under 5% Over a 90 day period we made 23% of our profit from Klayvio alone. Bryn is amazing at what she does, full of ideas, strategy and always going above and beyond. She is always there to offer support, guidance and suggestions. Her knowledge in this field is exceptional. 

Lauryce Moore, Director of The Wholesome Co NZ Ltd 


Working with Bryn was seriously WOW. I attended the training with another girl that works with me, and whilst we are both at very different levels of knowledge (she has only just stepped into the world of eCommerce) we both took away SO much. Not only does Bryn show you an overview of all of the things you can do to GROW your business, but she gives you examples of exactly how and why it works, and then works with you to create strategies specific to your business. If you're considering working with Bryn, DO IT! It will be the best thing you can do for your business!

Kate Williams, Founder at Retreat Yourself Box


This has blown me away and has been a real eye-opener with my business! This extensive audit is so in depth, and leaves no stone unturned. It is a non-negotiable tool for any business, and will save you thousands!! Absolutely blown away! Thank you so much Bryn!

Megan Bowness, Founder at Banshee Board Co

Working with Brynley has not only lightened my work load but it’s also armed me with the knowledge on how to ace online product emails. We used to use MailChimp and had a few flows set up such as abandoned cart and a welcome sequence but with Brynley moving us to Klaviyo there’s so many better features that have streamlined our email sequences. These days we only send one email every 4-6 weeks and nurture our email signs up via the multiple flows that Brynley has set up. Not only are our emails professional, visually appealing but they are also succinct and really sell our product to the customer. The transition to Klaviyo has been great and Brynley is always there to answer any questions you may have. Thanks so much for the amazing transition which has made our business image in line with the big players. 

Simona Valev, Co-Founder at RAWKANVAS