Hi, I'm Bryn! {brin-lee}

Since February 2020, my #smallbutmighty team and I have generated more than $100+ Million in Klaviyo attributed Email & SMS revenue. With 30+ accounts, we've worked on making more than $1 million+ from our Klaviyo Email & SMS services alone.

As a technical specialist in advanced Klaviyo Email + SMS Marketing & eCommerce Growth Strategy, my job is to develop and build effective Klaviyo Owned Marketing strategies for my clients that focus on profit, not revenue. Throughout my 14+ year career in eCommerce, I've developed strategies for Klaviyo accounts that generate 10-200million+ annually — working with some of the top eCommerce brands in Australia.

Proudly, I'm regarded as one of Klaviyo's most experienced Agency Partners in Australia & New Zealand, an accredited Klaviyo Master Elite Partner, a member of Klaviyo's exclusive (less than 10 members globally) Partner Advisory Council (2022) & the titleholder of the first Australian Women in Digital, Digital Marketer of the Year Awards in 2018.

My team & I are known for our strategic Klaviyo work that goes far beyond opt-ins, flows & campaigns. We specialise in pioneering complex solutions for our multi-channel DTC clients—bridging the omnichannel gap in their customer data & experience and building forward-thinking solutions that generate results.

Over the last 5+ years of building my Klaviyo work and boutique agency, I’ve opted to go against the grain and remain not focused on building the biggest or the fastest-growing company but focused on being the best Klaviyo service provider for our clients. Want to work with me and my team? Enquire below.



It costs your business the same fixed investment of time, effort, capital, human capital, talent, customer churn and opportunity cost — whether you use Klaviyo Email & SMS — to produce 1X, 3X or 10X the result or more.

It costs the same to acquire a customer — whether you convert 1%, 3%, 5%, or 10% of your site visitors.

It costs the same to gain that first sale, whether it's $10, $15, $20, or $50.

And it costs the same to generate that buyer whether they buy one time a year and never repurchase, buy once every six months, once every three months, or once a month on a subscription.

If you can get your ads that produce X — to produce 2X, your Klaviyo account that converts 1 out of 10 customers to convert 1 out of 5, customers who used to spend $50 to start spending $125, or buyers who used to buy only once — to buy twice or three times annually – the result is an exponential growth of sales and an even more significant increase in profit.



  • Keeping our company's growth slow and considered.

    Our main focus is on our clients’ fast growth & strategic work. We're not focused on building the biggest or the fastest-growing company, we're focused on providing the best Klaviyo service for our clients.

  • Providing our clients with the best strategic, impactful and deep work possible.

    If you’ve ever seen the comprehensive flows I’ve built, or signup form strategies we create, you’ll know that our attention to detail and effort we strive to in our clients accounts are a step above the rest.

  • Not being an agency that’s focused on providing every service and being generalists.

    We’re specialists in Klaviyo and eCommerce Growth Strategy and stick to what we do best to deliver the exceptional results that we do.

  • Working with a select group of eCommerce brands that we know we can serve with amazing work and remarkable results.

    The bigger and faster agencies grow with more clients, the more the work and results lack. Personally, I never want anything attached to my name that hasn’t been done or completed to the highest calibre it can possibly be.

  • Outsmarting rather than outspending your competition.

    Our clients success goes far beyond beautifully curated email designs and forms. It’s about our behind the scenes strategic work that focuses on levelling up our clients’ conversion rates, average order value and returning customer rates to name a few.

  • Applying First Principles Thinking in everything we do.

    'First Principles Thinking’ is the act of boiling a process down to the fundamental parts that you know are true and building up from there. The problem with too many of today's marketers is that they work in the opposite way of thinking. Often starting with no core source of truth and working their way backwards based on best practices with no clear strategy.

  • Leading with marketing our clients personal brands.

    When you think of Tesla, you instantly think of Elon Musk. If you look at the top 100 most followed TikTok accounts in the United States, 97 are personalities, and 3 are brands. In today’s digital world, people want to follow people and their personalities, not brands. Building our clients personal brands through our strategic Klaviyo work matters.

  • Treating our clients money and budgets like it’s our own.

    It’s our priority to be consistently thinking outside the square to improve on our work and monitor our results to ensure our clients are making the most sales possible and that any unnecessary budget spent is allocated to the right area.