Hi! I’m Bryn! I’m a multi-award winning eCommerce Marketer specialising in helping ecommerce businesses maximise their overall online revenue. I teach eCommerce business owners how to capitalise on their digital sales channels and increase their revenue through one-on-one training, eCommerce audits and eCommerce strategy.


In my career thus far, I have helped generate more than 20.5 million across multiple platforms including eCommerce websites, eBay, Amazon and Alibaba.com’s B2B channel with one of my most recent Shopify stores generating its first 100k in 164 days! I’ve won four international awards including Alibaba.com’s Top 102 International Pioneers in 2016.




How my Professional Journey Started


In December 2003, my mother and step-father started an eBay Australia store to sell our Fijian families based coconut oil, marketed as Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil.


Back then, coconut oil was unheard of, and everyone thought my parents were quite literally nuts. My parents remortgaged our family home to start our business, and it was either make it or fail miserably. For a few years, we pushed along developing a website, Alibaba store and continuing with our eBay store. I grew up working in my parent’s business and after I finished High School I started with them full-time.


Around 2007, coconut oil started to BOOM! We were watching A Current Affair one night, and our bottle of coconut oil just so happened to be featured on the television with the benefits of our products.


Our family business changed forever overnight.


Our sales skyrocketed, and we ’re selling on average around $30,000 a week online through our website and eBay store, IT WAS NUTS! (Pun intended!)


On Alibaba’s B2B platform we were even selling full 20-foot containers of bulk coconut oil around the world. It was so crazy and still makes me laugh today when I think about just how epic it was.


I progressively, over the years, moved through so many roles within our business. I learnt the fundamentals of online selling, logistics, manufacturing and years of hands-on experience in a very diverse and multi-facet startup. It was a career-altering experience and something that no university degree could teach.


After a few years, I moved into our marketing department and LOVED IT. Facebook was super fresh on the digital scene, and within a year, I built our pages presence to over 100,000 likes. I would post recipes and sales that would result in tens of thousands of dollars in gross revenue in 1-2 days; it was such a thrill. This is the point in which I fell in love with digital marketing and every day I was eager to see just how far I could push the envelope to create sales. 


With the boom of coconut oil, came HUGE amounts of competition and that’s where in marketing, I had to build our brands presence and educate consumers why they should buy Banaban’s superior brand over the cheaper imports and heavily discounted supermarket brands.


Our brand diversified immensely, we started working with numerous farms around The Pacific and Asia and began to supply our competitors with bulk and contract manufacturing. As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat em, join em! Our small marketing team developed and brought to market over ninety coconut related products in the natural and organic food, beauty, pet and supplement industries. For years, I spent my working life travelling to multiple plantations developing products with the farmers and suppliers, working in tradeshows throughout Asia and Europe and evolving our online systems and strategies through the stages of digital progression.


In spent my spare time, I started writing a cookbook based on educating consumers how to use our products and within a year had sold over 5,000 copies and had landed myself an international publishing contract with Fackeltrager in Cologne, Germany. I ended up creating an iPhone recipe app and launching nine flavours of baking mixes under my hobby blogs, Going Coconuts brand. Busy was an understatement in my life.


Fast forward to 2017, and my parents decided to sell a significant portion of our families’ business. I was asked by our new partners to work with them in their corporate office in their marketing division on several of their businesses, and for six months I did. I learnt so much about myself and what I love, and that is quite simply, eCommerce.


I missed working in my digital eCommerce environment and decided that it was time to live the freelance life and to help others. So, this is where I am today. I believe over the last nine years; I have built not only a deep understanding in eCommerce but an extensive knowledge in all critical areas. Areas such as distribution and export markets, using platforms like Alibaba, manufacturing a wide variety of products under certifications like organic and HACCP and the logistics of sending products around the globe.