My eCommerce Background  

 In 2003, my mother, Stacey King started the Banaban brand on eBay in our garage. My step-father, Ken, a Fiji born Banaban Islander had connections to a coconut oil farm and long before the coconut oil craze had started, Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil was born. From the age of 13, right up until the age of 27 I worked with them.
Their business became very successful, growing rapidly, and in the process becoming quite complex and multi-faceted. We would import raw material, manufacture over ninety products in our facility on the Gold Coast in the organic food, beauty, supplement and pet industries and sell through ten sales channels. This included:
  • export of finished product (offline & online Alibaba.com)
  • export of raw material (offline & online Alibaba.com)
  • distribute finished product
  • distribute raw material
  • wholesale finished product (offline & online)
  • wholesale bulk (offline & online)
  • retail finished product in store
  • retail finished product on Shopify
  • retail finished product on eBay
  • retail finished product on Amazon.  
    Working across these ten sales channels gave me the hands-on knowledge and experience of working in each sector in sales and of course, digital marketing.
    Throughout my career, I worked throughout every stage of their business. I did the hard yards of starting in production, followed by dispatch, admin, sales, product development and for the final six years of my employment with Banaban; I handled the Digital Marketing for each sales channel and product.
    I was lucky enough throughout my career to work in several different countries which gave me a deeper understanding of the various global markets and what it takes to distribute a brand to over thirteen countries. I also spent a great deal of time working with manufacturers in Fiji, The Philippines, China, Sri Lanka and Vanuatu.
    In 2017, the business was acquired by foreign buyers, and upon the sale of Banaban, I left the company deciding it was time to head out and start freelancing my Digital Marketing services to other eCommerce brands. 
    What I had learnt from my years in our family business was to “treat every dollar like it was my own” along with many other personal and professional life lessons. 
    With the time spent working with my parents and the brands I work with today, I have the respect of knowing what it truly takes to build a brand and make an idea and a dream become a reality. 
    I am passionate about business, digital marketing and especially eCommerce - something my mother taught me from a very young age. 

    Career Highlights, Awards & Media


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