Naked Harvest Supplements

Naked Harvest Supplements

How we've helped Naked Harvest double their sales year-on-year for the last three years using Klaviyo

01 About The Brand

In 2019, social media powerhouse, health advocate & podcast host Georgie Stevenson joined forces with her brother Coopa and together shared one powerful vision… to revolutionise the standard of women’s active health supplements. Naked Harvest offers a range of protein, pre-workout, greens powder and women-specific health products, which are all stripped back to ensure you are only getting the good stuff!


02 The Challenge

When we started working with Naked Harvest, they were a relatively new brand, only nine months old at the time. Our biggest challenge was migrating Naked Harvest from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and adhering to email deliverability best practices, so we could harness Klaviyo’s true potential and extensively build out their automated flows and signup form strategy, which we were able to achieve successfully.


03 Our Framework

Our mission is to help accelerate the growth of eCommerce brands by working with our Internal Audit, Quick Wins, Strategy & Action Plan, Implementation, Analysis & Repeat framework.

We start first by completing a Klaviyo Account Power Audit, which covers an in-depth overview of the brand's last year of sales data. When completing this step, we're paying greater attention to crucial data such as conversion rates, AOV, returning customer rate and site traffic.

We'll also review key Klaviyo account metrics such as % of revenue from Klaviyo, open & click rates across campaigns and flows, opt-in rates etc. Before deep-diving into each area of Klaviyo, offering critical recommendations throughout flows, campaigns, opt-ins, onsite changes, third-party apps & much more!

We'll then move to our framework's strategy and action plan side. We build complex and advanced flows and opt-ins that incorporate extensive A/B testing from the ground up. Followed by quickly acting on implementing designs to help our clients achieve an ROI as soon as possible.


04 Our Strategy

Without giving away too much of our secret sauce, our strategy for this brand was to craft an extensive signup form and leads capture strategy that harnessed the brands and founders’ organic Instagram story presence and on-site traffic. We followed this strategy by working on an extensive flow build that saw more than 100+ automated flows built within their account, covering their customer's pre and post-customer journey. As our process has kept growing and evolving over the years we’ve worked with Naked Harvest, we’ve seen exponential growth in their account and are really proud of how well this brand has done with our email marketing efforts.


05 Highlights & Results


% of revenue generated from Klaviyo for the last 365 days as of the 1st of February, 2023.


06 What We Love About Working With This Brand

"There are so many reasons why I love working with Naked Harvest, but one of the main reasons is that I get to work alongside Melissa & Georgie at a very close level. I’ve really enjoyed the working relationship I have formed with the Naked Harvest family. They’re so hardworking and deserve every success that comes their way." - Brynley King eCommerce Marketing Specialist & Director

"Naked Harvest was one of the first brands I worked with when I started with eCommerce Growth and they have been amazing to work with from the very start! I've loved exploring different designs within their brand and throughout their flow work. Their organisation, attention to detail and product photography is *chefs kiss!* I'm truly looking forward to see how they continue to grow and evolve as a brand!" - Allyssa Brauer Lead Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator


07 Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Transformed our email marketing strategy!!

"We have worked with Brynley for a couple of years now and have experienced utterly incredible results since working with her. Our email list size has grown 23.47x (active profiles), and Klaviyo is responsible for over 44% of our business revenue overall since working with Bryn. Her knowledge, dedication, and easy-going nature have made the process of moving over to Klaviyo both fun, and easy. We love working with Bryn and we recommend her to ANYONE who's serious about levelling up their email marketing strategy."

- Melissa Synnott, Naked Harvest Supplements

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