What We Do

We're here to show you what we do and the results we deliver, not tell you.

If you're on this page, you're probably wondering what we do and how we differ from the numerous other providers in the Klaviyo landscape. We know your time is valuable, so to help you evaluate our services and determine if we're the right fit to work together, we've compiled this helpful checklist of action items for you to review within your account.

All you need to do is open your Klaviyo account on another tab within your browser and go through each section to determine what your account currently looks like, vs. the high calibre of work we provide for our clients. Don't have these all set up within your account to the level of these examples? Your accounts' not capitalising on the potential of Klaviyo's features and our strategic capability. This means you're leaving lost revenue on the table.

1. Your Klaviyo email list growth strategy covers advanced A/B testing strategies that drive list growth without discounting

Your Klaviyo opt-in and list growth strategy is the most critical part of your Klaviyo-owned marketing strategy. The more users you have coming through your Klaviyo opt-ins, the more customers you have to remarket back to and the more potential customers you can retarget with behaviour-based automations. With our internal Klaviyo opt-in form strategies, we dive deep into incentives and offer testing that enables you as a brand to grow more profitably.

If your Klaviyo opt-in forms aren't being extensively A/B tested within your account, you’re missing out on determining the most successful and profitable approach to growing your subscriber list.

2. Your Klaviyo flows are strategic and well thought-out, covering strategic multipliers to increase profitability

If there's one thing within the Klaviyo Partner landscape that we want to be known for, it's the strategic and well-thought-out Klaviyo flows we build for our clients. Our job as an extension of your Klaviyo Email & SMS marketing team is to build strategies that increase your profit through building higher average order values, returning customer rates and converting more new customers strategically. Our example abandoned cart reached checkout flow is a basic sample flow that strategically covers advanced segmentation to profitably send the right message to the right customer at the right time. It's essential to complete a thorough check of the flows within your account to ensure you're harnessing Klaviyo's advanced functionality within your account flows.

3. You are using Klaviyo SMS strategically to reduce your SMS spend

In eCommerce, great marketing is your only competitive advantage to out win your competition. And to win with great marketing, you need the right tech stack. I'm consistently hearing talks in the industry that other platforms "outperform" Klaviyo or are "much cheaper" in the SMS arena. I find these comments incredibly frustrating, as I firmly believe these statements to be wildly false and misrepresent the technical facts. If you are using Klaviyo SMS strategically within your account, it means that you're not blasting an SMS to everyone on your master list with every campaign and are using engagement-based metrics to reduce your overall SMS costs. It's essential to thoroughly check the segments you're sending to Klaviyo SMS campaigns and ensure that you split these out by click and engagement day-based metrics to save you more money within your marketing budget.

4. Your Klaviyo email campaign designs include conversion-focused functionality that increases your click and on-site conversion rates

Not only is a good design imperative to your Klaviyo email campaign strategy, but so is crafting high-conversion-based email designs that tie design and conversion-based marketing principles together. Design is only one piece of the email marketing puzzle, and your designs must be crafted with high-conversion details that expedite your customers' journey from clicking an email through to the cart stage. This is where key strategies, such as automatically adding items to the cart or automatically adding discounts to their cart when they click through, are an integral part of the initial design stage. It's essential to complete an audit of the last ten campaigns sent and focus on the click-through rates and how these can be increased with further strategic design.

5. Your Klaviyo account has strategic on-site tracking installed that covers advanced user tracking

It's imperative within your account that you check your Klaviyo tracking often to ensure it's set up and firing correctly. Too often than not, I come across accounts with issues with their tracking due to theme changes that don't account for their Klaviyo tracking. Another vital part of your Klaviyo tracking is ensuring that you have other advanced tracking installed within your store outside of your general viewed product and added to cart tracking. This additional core tracking includes viewed page, viewed form - tracked profile and submitted form - tracked profile. If this needs to be added to your account, I'd recommend installing this as soon as you can. This will ensure you're maximising your performance with hyper-targeted, behaviour-based email and SMS automations.

6. Your Klaviyo designs are tested through a program like Email on Acid to ensure they're being delivered to inboxes

If you’re not getting 100% of your emails into recipients’ inboxes, it’s not a reflection on your team or the ESP. It’s simply that email marketing deliverability is hard. Here are the obstacles to overcome getting to the inbox: Your email has to get past the ISP and webmail gateway. Then you must get it past the recipient’s spam filter. Then avoid the junk mail folder. Once it gets into the recipient’s inbox, the recipient needs to engage with the email among the other emails in their inbox by opening the email. Then be engaged enough to click through to your website. Lastly, be compelled enough from your website to convert to a customer, and the process with every email starts again. The above is a long list of challenges, but they can be overcome by adhering to email deliverability best practices and using a program like Email on Acid.

7. Your Klaviyo account is integrated with the third-party apps used within your store to better your automation strategy

As of February 2023, Klaviyo has more than 300+ pre-built integrations within their platform. This means that for every third-party app you use within your store, there's a great chance there is an integration pre-built to utilise within your Klaviyo account and Klaviyo automation and flow strategy. This ultimately means that you have greater control over the emails and notifications being sent to your customers from these various applications and gives you the ability to strategically build on the comprehensive automations and flows created within your account. It's crucial to check what third-party apps you use within your account and double-check within your Klaviyo account if these have been integrated and built on within your flow strategy.

8. Your Klaviyo segments are used in your campaign strategy to increase recipients without impacting deliverability

From our experience within accounts, splitting out your campaigns based on F0s & F1s+ segments allows you to separate and enhance the length of engagement that you pull out within your campaigns. Generally, it’s always the F1s+ segment that outperforms every send, and this allows us to pull out the segment much further in terms of engagement such as 150-day or 365-days engaged. As F0s are generally uninterested after a certain point in time when they’ve not purchased, you can experiment with this segment to allow yourself to bring the engagement days further in to increase your deliverability, such as 30, 60 or 90-day engaged. Working like this allows you to not cap your F1s+ customer segment and open up your recipient pool.


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  • Run strategic experiments & A/B tests

    We’ll analyse the efficacy of potential changes, enabling data-driven decisions and ensuring positive impact on your brand.

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