The Quick Flick

The Quick Flick

How we've helped The Quick Flick increase their opt-in rates from 5.2% to 12.3% using Klaviyo

01 About The Brand

The Quick Flick is a beauty cosmetic brand who like to think of themselves as ‘beauty innovators’ focusing on challenging traditional cosmetic applications through compact, time-saving and multi-functional products. They focus on empowering everyday people and representing all types of beauty whilst promoting self-love and acceptance. They understand the busy lives of the consumer and that time is better spent on a good night's sleep, rather than getting ready, which is the reason behind their rebellion to anything that slows us down.


02 The Challenge

The biggest challenge we faced was improving poor deliverability that past internal teams had caused within their Klaviyo account. Our team worked tirelessly to come up with unique concepts to improve their sender’s reputation, build a more engaged mailing list and achieve above industry benchmarks for their campaign and automated flow emails. Through building a comprehensive opt-in strategy, we were able to restore good deliverability within the account and continue to push conversions.


03 Our Framework

Our mission is to help accelerate the growth of eCommerce brands by working with our Internal Audit, Strategy, Action Plan, Implementation, Analysis & Repeat framework.

We start first by completing a Klaviyo Account Audit which covers an in-depth overview of the brand's last year of sales data. When we're completing this step, we're paying greater attention to crucial data such as conversion rates, AOV, returning customer rate and site traffic.

We'll also review key Klaviyo account metrics such as % of revenue from Klaviyo, open & click rates across campaigns and flows, opt-in rates etc. Before deep-diving into each area of Klaviyo, offering critical recommendations throughout flows, campaigns, opt-ins, onsite changes, third-party apps & much more!

We'll then move to our framework's strategy and action plan side. We build all complex and advanced flows and opt-ins that incorporate extensive A/B testing from the ground up. Followed by quickly acting on implementing designs to help our clients achieve an ROI as soon as possible.

Each month, we create all campaign strategies for execution and review all of the data and results. This helps us continually optimise and tweak our work to gain better performance for our clients.


04 Our Strategy

Without giving away too much of our secret sauce, our strategy for this brand was to craft an impressive signup form and lead capture strategy that utilised low-value items as a free gift with purchase to re-engage existing and non-existing Klaviyo profiles. By offering a low-value item, we were able to see a dramatic increase in Form Submit Rates due to the higher perceived value of a free item in comparison to your normal % or $ off incentives. This strategy was followed by an extensive Welcome flow build with more than 40+ automated emails in addition to the core flows we build that cover the pre- and post-customer journey. The Quick Flick’s opt-in strategy continues to evolve with data-backed methods so we can continue to drive conversions and AOV for their account.


05 Highlights & Results

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06 What We Love About Working With This Brand

"Working with Iris and The Quick Flick brand has been nothing short of amazing over the last year! Her dedication to her brand and products is truly inspiring. I absolutely LOVE The Quick Flicks branding, and the team and I love working on her account. P.s. If you’re looking for an epic sunscreen product, I highly recommend that you try The Quick Flicks, Quick Screen. It’s the best on the market, hands down!" - Brynley King, eCommerce Marketing Specialist & Director

"Iris continues to amaze the team and I with her accomplishments with The Quick Flick. Being able to witness their journey and successes at such a close level, implementing an impressive opt-in strategy alongside extensive flow build outs and campaign strategies, has made The Quick Flick one of the most memorable brands to work with. Not to mention how considered her branding is, it makes it even sweeter (I am a graphic designer after all)!" - Allyssa Brauer, Lead Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator


07 Design Work

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