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This course covers website eCommerce Conversion Optimisation, Advanced Email Marketing using Klaviyo, and most importantly, it covers how to build a twelve-month strategy to hit the KPI’s and targets you'll need to scale your brand profitably.

For the last two years, I’ve worked on building this course as a direct representation of how I structure my processes and work when taking on eCommerce clients. [It’s been a really long time in making!] In that time, I’ve tried and tested hundreds of growth strategies across 70+ eCommerce brands ranging from startups to established brands generating 1+ million dollars per month on Shopify.

It was really important for me to go against the grain with developing this course. I’m not a big fan of just putting something together quickly and getting it out there. I wanted to ensure these learnings were well thought out and tested, methodical and completely different from the eCommerce based courses in the market place. 

This course primarily focuses on the conversion and evaluation stage of the eCommerce funnel. It does not cover strategies in the awareness stage on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

Owned marketing is really important to me, and it should be important to your eCommerce strategy. With the endless changes of algorithms and updates of organic and paid traffic channels focusing on your owned marketing channels that you can control is more important than ever. 

Not to say your traffic channels aren’t important, they certainly are. However, in my experience of working with eCommerce brands, I’ve seen it time and time again where brands pump huge budgets into customer acquisition with no systems or strategies to convert or capture these audiences on their site. 

This course will help you understand and plug the holes in your eCommerce bucket. While I’m not promising to double your business in a year, I’m going to give you the framework, step-by-step of how I’ve implemented this with the brands I’ve used this strategy with such as the one below.

Brynley King Klaviyo Partner

This course was not designed for the fainthearted. It’s going to take work and time to implement everything that is suggested, however, I can say, I have no doubt in my mind that you are going to love this course and the learning material within it. 

It was imperative to me when building this course and strategies to keep it structured and a representation of how I work with the brands I do comprising of six stages: Auditing, Strategy, Action Plan, Implementation, Reporting and REPEAT.

Through this course...

  • You will audit all of your accounts, including your website and ESP account.

  • You will audit all of your store(s) key data and create your growth strategy. Your growth strategy will include your goals and each key metric broken down to give you the numbers you need to get you there. These include the number of new customers you'll need to acquire, what increase your average order value needs and what repurchase frequency you'll need from your repeat buyers.

  • You will learn about the importance of critical metrics, processes, structure and my key principles for eCommerce success.

  • You’ll develop strategies around how to convert browsers into new customers.

  • You’ll develop strategies around how to increase your average order value.

  • You’ll develop strategies around how to increase repeat purchases and increase their frequency.

  • You will develop an action plan for all the eCommerce Conversion Optimisation elements you’ll need to implement in your store.

  • You will develop an action plan for all the advanced automated flows you’ll need to create a thriving Klaviyo account.

  • You will learn best practices of Email Marketing including email deliverability.
  • Most importantly, you will understand WHY these learnings and HOW this structure is vital to your eCommerce stores success. 

  • Plus many more key strategies that I personally use in Klaviyo and Shopify stores.

This course is right for you if…

  • You are an established brand looking to scale.

  • You are an established brand and currently stuck with what to do. 

  • You are a startup looking to build your eCommerce foundation on the right foot.

  • You are looking to automate more revenue generation to focus on more strategic elements of your business.

  • You are looking to build further on your owned marketing channels.

  • You are looking to optimise your paid advertising efforts and convert more buyers.

  • You or someone on your team or network can implement the work required.  

  • You're wanting to train your eCommerce based marketing team in the areas of eCommerce Conversion Optimisation, Advanced Email Marketing and eCommerce Growth Strategy.

This course is not right for you if…

  • You are looking for a quick fix. [This doesn’t exist in our industry.]

  • You don’t have a moderate understanding of running an eCommerce business.

  • You're business model is dropshipping. [This course is tailored to brands.]
  • You are not on Shopify. [For now, as the learnings are geared towards Shopify sellers. This will change in the future.] 

  • You're looking for product procurement, logistics or warehousing advice. [This course is marketing based for brands that already have a proven product or startups that have products they are already selling online.]

You will see direct results after implementation if…

  • You have a proven product, and you are already generating 5k+ a month on your store.

  • You are already achieving a steady stream of traffic to your store.

  • You have the time or resources to implement all of the learnings.

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