13 Simple Design Hacks Using Klaviyo Email Marketing and Shopfiy

13 Simple Design Hacks Using Klaviyo Email Marketing & Shopify

5 Klaviyo Email Campaign Design Tips

Regardless of the type of e-commerce business you operate, campaigns are one of the most important pillars of Klaviyo. You can let your customers know about anything from product launches, sales events, announcements, newsletters and more just by sending a campaign to your mailing list.

When creating your campaign strategy, design should be a driving focus as it helps communicate your core messaging. When designing a campaign you should be asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is the main topic I am communicating in this email? Is my primary call-to-action (CTA) clear?
  • If there are secondary CTAs, are they supporting the primary CTA or detracting from it?
  • Is my design cohesive & on brand?
  • Have I created personalised content in my campaign? i.e. first name conventions
  • How is my design getting customers to engage with the content?

These are some of the MOST important elements to consider to help enhance your campaign design and messaging. Why? Well, if your customers aren’t opening and engaging with your campaigns, your deliverability is impacted meaning your emails are reaching less inboxes and could be getting marked as spam.

So, here’s 5 campaign ideas and design tips you should implement in your campaign strategy to increase subscriber engagement and reach key Klaviyo benchmarks.

1. Click To Reveal - Sale Event

GOAL: Increase Click Rates, On-site Traffic & Conversions for a Sale Event

HOW: The idea of this campaign is to let customers know about a sale event but in order to find out what the offer is, they need to click on the email to reveal the offer. By not disclosing exactly what your sale is, customers become curious and eager to reveal the mystery offer. Historically across all of our clients this curiosity style campaign out performs. There’s no need for fancy design work so simple and straightforward works best. Be concise and intriguing with your copy and have a “clickable” CTA such as “Reveal The Deal”, “Click To See The Sale”, or “Unlock The Sale”.

2. Click To Reveal - Product Launch

GOAL: Increase Click Rates & Conversion for a New Product

HOW: Remember our first tip? It works exactly the same! But instead of a mystery sale or offer, customers need to click to reveal the new product. This curiosity style email helps bring a lot of hype and excitement around your new product launch.

3. Add Your Size To Cart

GOAL: Increase Conversion & Ease Customer Experience

HOW: Have multiple sizes in stock? This is a great campaign to try when releasing a new collection or sending a product spotlight campaign. Why? Because it eases customer experience by taking the customer straight to their cart once clicking on their size. To implement this in your email design, you’ll need to make sure every size is linked and clickable in the email. The link you’ll need is {{ organization.url }}cart/add?id=VariantID. To find the "VARIANT ID" for the products you intend to add to cart, type .XML at the end of the product page URL and search through the code for the "VARIANT ID" on each size.

4. Blog Post Teaser

GOAL: Increase Click Rates & Community Engagement with Blog Content

HOW: We all know engagement builds community (if you didn’t, now you do!). So sending campaigns about your most read or recently published blog post is a great way to continue to build your community and have them engaging with your site. But don’t be a tattle-tale and reveal the entire blog! Provide an interesting snippet of your blog post to entice readers with and use your CTAs to encourage customers to continue read the content. A/B test different layouts or previews of the blog content to see what works best for your brand and make sure your CTA is “clickable” such as “Keep Reading” or “Click to Reveal to Read”.

5. Free Gift With Purchase

GOAL: Conversions Utilising A Low Value Free Gift

HOW: This campaign is designed to drive conversions offering a low value product as a free gift. Want to push conversions that one step further? Include the ‘Add to Cart’ Klaviyo feature to ease customer experience and get them to checkout faster. Make sure to add a time parameter of 24 or 48 hours to create urgency and including a dynamic one time use code is great best practice.

3 Klaviyo Email Copy Tags & Hacks

1. Personalise Emails With First Name Custom Property

GOAL: Build Customer Rapport & Brand Loyalty

HOW: As Klaviyo likes to put it, ‘Personalisation is at the core of great marketing.’ Enough said. No? Through using Klaviyo’s Custom Property features you can personalise your email content, subject lines, preview text, SMS and more! It’s a simple but effective way to build brand loyalty and community with your audience by referring to them by their first name (especially for your F1s+ segments).To implement this, use the syntax {{ first_name|default”DEFAULT COPY HERE” }}. Where it’s labelled ‘DEFAULT COPY HERE’, substitute this with what you like to call your community. Whether it’s a distinctive name or if you’d rather refer to your customers as ‘friends,’ ‘beauty lovers’, or whatever suits your brand and tone of voice.To read more about custom properties, click here.

2. Make Sure Your Customers Are Able To Easily Unsubscribe & Manage Preferences

GOAL: Meet Klaviyo Requirements & Give Customers Easy Accessibility

HOW: Klaviyo requires an unsubscribe link in every email that is sent. So be sure to include the syntax {% unsubscribe %} in the footer of your emails. If customers are wanting to unsubscribe, they’ll be looking for this link so you want to make sure it’s easy enough to spot without it being too noticeable or distracting from your primary email content.Alongside your unsubscribe link, be sure to give customers the option to manage their preferences too. Use the syntax {% manage_preference %} to add this into your email templates.HOT TIP: Make sure your Preference Pages are branded in Klaviyo to keep all touch points visually consistent.To read more about custom properties, click here.

3. Use Web View As A Fallback In Your Footer

Whether it’s a flow or a campaign, another great feature to add into your email templates is to give customers the option to view the email in their browser. This proves to be a great safety net in case the content in your email doesn’t load properly, customers are still able to view the email in full. Just use the syntax {% web_view %} to add this into your email.To read more about custom properties, click here.

Here are some useful Klaviyo Help Center docs:

5 Klaviyo & Shopify Discount Code Hacks

1. Save Klaviyo Coupon Tag

GOAL: Add In Klaviyo Coupon Codes With Ease

HOW: If you’ve been with Klaviyo for a little while now, you may already know this easy but important tag. The Klaviyo Coupon tag pulls in your dynamic Klaviyo coupon codes. Just use the syntax {% coupon_code ‘NAME_OF_YOUR_COUPON’ %} to add this into your email. Make sure you copy your Klaviyo coupon name in exactly including any capitlisation, numbers and special characters.

2. Apply Shopify Discount Code To Cart

GOAL: Automatically Apply Shopify Discount Code To Cart

HOW: With Klaviyo, you can automatically apply Shopify discount codes to your cart with a URL. This a great way to ease customer experience and limit customers forgetting to apply the discount code to their cart. The link you will need to use is {{ organization.url }}discount/DISCOUNTCODE and this can be applied to images and buttons in your email templates as well as signup forms. Ensure your discount code is typed in correctly and to test before sending out to your customers.

3. Automatically Add Product To Cart

GOAL: Increase Conversions By Getting Customers To Checkout Faster

HOW: Automatically add items to customers’ carts in just one click! This is a really great feature in Klaviyo to get customers to checkout faster to push conversion. Simply, use the link {{ organization.url }}cart/add?id=VARIANTID as the URLs for your images and/or buttons. To find the "VARIANT ID" for the products you intend to add to cart, type .XML at the end of the product page URL and search through the code for the "VARIANT ID".

4. Automatically Add Multiple Products Of The Same Variant To Cart

GOAL: Increase Conversions By Getting Customers To Checkout Faster

HOW: Have an automatic deal where customers can add two of the same product to their cart and get money off? Or perhaps your product offering comes better in higher quantities? This works the same as Tip 4 ‘Automatically Add Product To Cart’ in pushing conversions by getting customers to checkout faster. Instead use the link {{ organization.url }}cart/add?id=VARIANTID&quantity=1 and replace ‘1’ with however many quantities are needed. Make sure it’s clear to customers how many they are actually adding to their cart so they are aware before they make their purchase.

5. Automatically Add Multiple Products To Cart

GOAL: Save Customers’ Time & Get Them To Checkout Faster

HOW: This feature works great if you’re wanting to market a bundle deal or a collection of products that you know work well together to your customers. To do so, you can use {{ organization.url }}cart/add?id=VARIANTID1&quantity=1&id=VARIANTID2&quantity=1 in your links for images and/or buttons making sure it’s clear to your customers what they’re adding to cart by clicking.

Here are some useful Klaviyo Help Center docs:

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