Do you provide paid traffic services such as Facebook and Google Ads?

I don't sorry! I haven't touched any paid traffic marketing since 2016 and am a firm believer that the digital marketing industry is like the construction industry. You have your carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc. that specialise in each area, spending years to practice and build their knowledge in one key field. Digital Marketing is the exact same. 

If you are looking for someone in the paid traffic arena, I recommend having a chat to Shae Kennewell. I personally used her in my families previous company Banaban and have worked with her on many projects before with other brands. If you go with an agency, ensure they have Klaviyo experience (to properly utilise your database) and ask what team member will be assigned to your brand. (You want to ensure you aren't paying thousands per month for a junior to be managing your account.)

Shae Kennewell (E) office@missempire.com.au (P) 0415 166 297

I’m looking to get into Digital Marketing, do you recommend any specific courses?
Who are your favourite eCommerce brands?

Who Gives A Crap, Luxy Hair, Go-To Skincare, Everlane, The Iconic, Dollar Shave Club, Koala, Fab Fit Fun, Quip, Brooklinen & Hi Smile. 

What are some of the best unboxing experiences you've personally had?

Who Gives a Crap, Go-To Skincare & Wine Gallery.

What are your favourite or preferred Shopify themes?

Impulse & Prestige are two of my favourite Shopify store themes.

Help With Klaviyo

How do I upgrade my Klaviyo account?

To upgrade your Klaviyo account, simply login to your account and click 'upgrade' in the top right hand side navigation.

I need to contact Klaviyo support. What's the best way to do this?

To get the best response time, please put together the following details for Klaviyo Support and email support@klaviyo.com

Details needed:

- Klaviyo ID (of end-user):

- Associated Campaign/Flow ID/Templates (links) :

- Customer Profiles Impacted (email address/links):

- Detailed Description of Issue:

- Screenshots (if available):

*It's also best to check their help center first for information as 99% of the time, you'll find your answer here.

Do you have a specific chatbot that you recommend that integrates with Klaviyo?

Octane AI is my go-to! It's the only one in the marketplace that integrates with Klaviyo that I currently know of.

Do you have a specific review app that you recommend?

Okendo is hands down my favourite.