Girls Get Off

Girls Get Off

How we've helped Girls Get Off scale their brand without the use of paid advertising with Klaviyo

01 About The Brand

Girls Get Off are on a mission to empower women in all things pleasurable, removing the stigma or taboo that comes with talking about getting off. If you can't already tell, they sell female sex toys and accessories, avoiding the seedy sex shops that seem to be designed with only men's pleasure in mind.


02 The Challenge

Girls Get Off started with us when they only had one product available and couldn’t run any Facebook or Google advertising due to the nature of their brand. However, avoiding spam filters was the biggest challenge we faced with a brand like theirs. Spam filters flag any sex-related terminology in emails, so to say we had to be creative is an understatement. It forced us to test the limits of deliverability and how we can get their emails in their subscribers’ inbox without flagging these spam filters. Through refining what we already knew, we were successful in building out their campaign, automated flow and signup form strategy that actually reached their mailing list and provided a strong foundation for the launch of their new products in September 2022.


03 Our Framework

Our mission is to help accelerate the growth of eCommerce brands by working with our Internal Audit, Strategy, Action Plan, Implementation, Analysis & Repeat framework.

We start first by completing a Klaviyo Account Audit which covers an in-depth overview of the brand's last year of sales data. When we're completing this step, we're paying greater attention to crucial data such as conversion rates, AOV, returning customer rate and site traffic.

We'll also review key Klaviyo account metrics such as % of revenue from Klaviyo, open & click rates across campaigns and flows, opt-in rates etc. Before deep-diving into each area of Klaviyo, offering critical recommendations throughout flows, campaigns, opt-ins, onsite changes, third-party apps & much more!

We'll then move to our framework's strategy and action plan side. We build all complex and advanced flows and opt-ins that incorporate extensive A/B testing from the ground up. Followed by quickly acting on implementing designs to help our clients achieve an ROI as soon as possible.

Each month, we create all campaign strategies for execution and review all of the data and results. This helps us continually optimise and tweak our work to gain better performance for our clients. 


04 Our Strategy

Without giving away too much of our secret sauce, our strategy for this brand was to build excellent deliverability and a solid foundation to grow from upon new product releases. We followed this strategy by extensively testing every email for flows and campaigns on email optimisation tools like Email on Acid, designing innovative emails that reached inboxes (Hint: there were many innuendos), and harnessing the power of their Instagram and Facebook Group community. As our methods have kept evolving since working with Girls Get Off, we've maintained impressive deliverability in their account and successful product launches! We are beyond proud of how well our email marketing efforts have supported Girls Get Off.


05 Highlights & Results

% of revenue generated from Klaviyo for the last 365 days as of the 1st of February, 2023. 


06 What We Love About Working With This Brand

"Working with Viv & Jo from Girls Get Off has been one of the most memorable brands we’ve worked with to date. We can’t wait for the Lights Off With Lillie blog to reach our inbox every week, so we can all have a laugh and chat about the incredible content they produce weekly for their brand. The team at GGO deserve every success in their business, and I’m so grateful to be here with them, helping them on their journey!" - Brynley King, eCommerce Marketing Specialist & Director

"To witness Girls Get Off’s success in the industry has been a privilege! One of my favourite reasons I love working with them is our working relationship with their team and their ability to get us laughing in the office with their content consistently! I am eager to see how they continue to grow and how best we can continue to support them." Allyssa Brauer, Lead Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator


07 Design Work

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