10 Klaviyo Email Marketing Strategies We've Used To Generate More Than $50 Million In Revenue For Clients

10 Klaviyo Email Marketing Strategies We've Used To Generate More Than $50 Million In Revenue For Clients

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Since February 2020, my #smallbutmighty team and I have generated $51,142,320.84AUD for the handful of Klaviyo accounts we manage on an ongoing basis.

We know this number right down to the exact cents because each month, as we generate our Klaviyo Monthly Growth Reports for our clients, we also track our entire revenue generated by each client in a very comprehensive spreadsheet.

In this time, we have had 16 brands in total that have made more than $1,000,000+ from our Klaviyo services. That is an incredible return for the brands we work with and not bad for a super small team of women working from the Gold Coast, Australia!

With this, I thought I would list out a series of tips to help you understand the types of Klaviyo Email Marketing Strategies we use in our client's accounts that have since generated more than $50 Million in revenue.

1. Test Free Gifts With Purchase On Your Klaviyo Signup Forms

When creating a comprehensive opt-in strategy, first, you need to consider what opt-ins you'll have on the site and what impact they have on your bottom line. Are they giving away an unnecessary 10% or $10 off with every signup and first purchase? If so, it's crucial to consider A/B testing these offers and how you can maximise your signup rates and conversions and retain more profit.

Currently, I'm loving A/B testing free gifts with purchases (over X amounts) with Klaviyo signup forms. Here are some results to see how well these perform across mobile and desktop forms.

So what's the best way to set these up within your Klaviyo account? Well, it's a little tricky and advanced, but let me explain. We have set up the signup forms, so the visitor will not know which gift they have received until they opt in. Why? This type of curiosity-based signup, along with a teaser, has tested well across the accounts we've tested this method.

The gift/offer will appear on the success page of the signup form and in the email sent to them from the welcome flow. The subscriber can then add the offer to their cart straight from the signup form, or the email sent. Additional emails are also sent within the Welcome Flow to encourage subscribers to use their offer and make a purchase. It's important to note that an AOV threshold is crucial for this opt-in and using Shopify's Buy X Get Y discount code functionality.

This strategy is 100% well worth testing within your account, so if you've got some low-cost products sitting in your warehouse, I'd highly recommend you test this style of offer.

2. Use Okendo Reviews & Setup Your Okendo Email Flows Within Klaviyo

Using Okendo within our clients' accounts has become a crucial part of our Klaviyo email marketing strategy for clients. Why? We've found that the impact and results this Shopify review app has within our client's accounts have far outweighed any other review app we've used in the past. It also has a tonne of features that make your Klaviyo email designs superior, such as:

  • An enhanced email design with social proof showcasing ratings and ratings within Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Reached Checkout, Abandoned Cart Added To Cart and Browse Abandonment flows as you can see from our clients, BRAND NAME example below.
  • Further advanced Klaviyo flows that use Okendo's event triggers and data to optimise email performance.
  • Customer insights such as age range, gender, and key attributes that you can set that are relevant to your brand. These properties and first-party customer data are synced within Klaviyo and captured within each Klaviyo customer profile making advanced segmentation more powerful for your brand.

    If you'd like to read more about Okendo's powerful review platform, you can read a case study here from our client Sans Drinks on the Okendo's website.

    3. Start Using Klaviyo SMS Within Your Klaviyo Account

    So why do I love using Klaviyo SMS over other SMS providers? The answer is simple! When you have SMS & Email within flows, the overall structure and strategy of messaging are far superior when it's within one platform and not multiple.

    The other key advantage that is a critical driver for how we communicate this with brands is Klaviyo's ability for onsite tracking from Klaviyo forms such as

    • Active On Site
    • Submitted Form & Tracked Profile
    • Viewed Page
    • Viewed Product

    We lose these date points and event triggers when forms are created from platforms like SMSBump and Postscript when their signup forms are used in place of Klaviyo signup forms. This negatively impacts Klaviyo's ability to deploy flows such as Abandoned Cart Added To Cart and Browse Abandonment flows.

    A great example of this was when we recently experienced was in a client's U.S. account. Their FB Ads team moved them to Postscript SMS and replaced the Klaviyo forms on their site with Postscript forms. The main issue was that it significantly impacted their Klaviyo flows that were reliant on tracking. No SMS provider is worth harming your email channel and results in the process!

    You'll see from the below results that the brands we've adopted Klaviyo SMS with are driving incredible amounts of revenue in the short time they've been up and running. One brand, hitting 100k in the last 30 days alone.

    Want to get started with Klaviyo SMS? Here Are Some Simple Hacks For Building Your Klaviyo SMS Subscriber list!

    4. To start, think of an offer exclusively for your SMS VIP Subscribers. I love using Free Gift With Purchase incentives as, throughout rigorous testing, it's proven to beat monetary and percentage-based discounts time and time again.
    5. Create an embedded signup form for your "VIP SMS Subscribers" and embed this on a website page like the following example, www.website.com/pages/sms-vip-subscribe
    6. Start promoting the above signup form through your Instagram story swipe-ups and create a competition-style email campaign within Klaviyo to boost your signup numbers.
    7. Ensure you're collecting SMS consent at the checkout (Shopify Plus) or giving them the option within your Shopify checkout settings (regular Shopify users).
    8. Create another embedded signup form for collecting mobile numbers on your Shopify store's Thank you' page. You can embed the script into your Shopify checkout with a unique offer and follow the Klaviyo Help Center documentation here.

    9. Optimise Your Klaviyo Email Marketing Campaigns With Curiosity-Based Designs

    With our clients' Klaviyo email marketing work, it's crucial that not only do we increase open rates but that we focus on driving click-through rates from every campaign we do. This is where curiosity-style email designs and signup forms work wonders for the brands we work with, as you'll see from the results and email design examples below.

    The idea of this curiosity-style campaign is to let customers know about a sale event but to find out what the offer is; they need to click on the email to reveal the offer. Customers become curious and eager to reveal the mystery offer by not disclosing precisely what your sale is. Historically across all of our clients, this curiosity-style campaign outperforms. There's no need for fancy design work, so a simple and straight forward works best. Be concise and intriguing with your copy and have a "clickable" CTA such as

    • "Reveal The Deal"
    • "Click To See The Sale"
    • "Unlock The Sale"

    10. Add A Confirmation Email To Your Back In Stock Flow

    This is one tip you can implement in your Klaviyo account straight away and see a return almost immediately. All you need to do is to add a confirmation email to your back in stock flow that triggers as soon as someone signs up for your Klaviyo Back in Stock onsite notification. You'll see from the examples below that the results speak for themselves with implementing a strategy like this.

    An additional $24,150 was generated by adding a confirmation email to this client’s Back In Stock flow.

    An additional $65,000 was generated by adding a confirmation email to this client’s Back In Stock flow.

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