KLAVIYO TIPS: 22 Klaviyo Email Marketing Strategies to Prepare for Q4 Success

KLAVIYO TIPS: 22 Klaviyo Email Marketing Strategies to Prepare for Q4 Success


22 Klaviyo email marketing strategies to prepare for Q4 success

This video is a webinar in collaboration with Shopify and Klaviyo filmed on the 30th of June 2021.

It's jam packed full of actionable and advanced Klaviyo tips and tricks to increase your Klaviyo Email Marketing Strategy.

The following tips included in the video are:

11:10s - Tip 1. Create your opt-in & form strategy
13:41s - Tip 2. Ensure your opt-ins and forms are created by device. For example: Mobile, Desktop & Embedded
14:56s - Tip 3. Create a competition opt-in to grow your mailing list and re-engage existing subscribers
15:35s - Tip 4. Create an Instagram Story swipe up opt-in strategy using your comp opt-in and promote this regularly through stories and an IG highlight
17:49s - Tip 5. Create a paid Facebook Ads Strategy to promote your comp opt-in via your embedded form subscribe page
21:03s - Tip 6. Use a Klaviyo form to offer a free gift to browsers that will add the item to their cart automatically
22:43s - Tip 7. Use a Klaviyo form to display your abandoned cart offer on your website to increase conversions
24:07s - Tip 8. Craft your core flow strategy using web tracking and onsite behaviour
26:13s - Tip 9. Segment all of your flows by frequency of purchases
29:20s - Tip 10. Integrate your review app with Klaviyo & create a 'submitted review' flow that segments your reviews submitted by positive & negative reviews
30:48s - Tip 11. Integrate your Klaviyo account with Typeform and create a survey campaign and flow to gather more feedback & data from your customers
32:21s - Tip 12. Install the {viewed page} tracking snippet to your Shopify theme to deploy flows based on pages viewed
33:54s - Tip 13. If you're using codes in your email designs, use this snippet to automatically add the discount code to the checkout when they click the CTA
34:45s - Tip 14. Use this snippet in your abandoned cart emails to take your users back to their checkout and automatically add the discount code to the checkout as well
35:20s - Tip 15. Use the following snippet to automatically add items from your store to your cart, via email
36:07s - Tip 16. Focus on email deliverability first and foremost as your first goal is to actually make it to the recipients inbox
38:44s - Tip 17. Conduct a campaign audit of your past campaigns
40:11s - Tip 18. Create your campaign strategy by segmenting your campaigns by F0s & F1s+ 
43:24s - Tip 19. Use your email campaign strategy as the foundation for crafting out your overall eCommerce marketing strategy 
44:50s - Tip 20. Create a list of 10 ad hoc campaigns that can be sent on ‘slow sale days’ 
46:25s - Tip 21. Campaign to test: Send a review campaign to every past customer that has purchased but not left a review
48:34s - Tip 22. Campaign to test: Click to reveal the deal (to increase clicks)

If you want to download the freebies attached to this video, head to the link below where you can download the slides, and the free opt-in and form strategy worksheet from the bottom of the blog post. The worksheet alone took me hours to create and is such a handy resource to use in your business!


For more information, you can visit the following resources:


Osaro Igbinoba
Osaro Igbinoba

I would really love to get all the downloadables.


Thank you so much for your content. What software would I use in Email Marketing to track purchases that happened from an Email so as to charge my client for performance rather than a monthly retainer fee? I want to start my own Email Marketing agency. Thank you

Leona Skene
Leona Skene

Absolutely loved this webinar. So much value and brilliant ideas to use Klaviyo as intended. Thank you so much for sharing.

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