Klaviyo Account Audit

Are you looking to discover the missed opportunities and sales within your Klaviyo account and improve on your overall eCommerce email marketing strategy?

To kick start 2023, I have completely overhauled our Klaviyo account audit and torn it to shreds! At first I was a little worried… However! In order for your email marketing strategy to kick ass in such a competitive market, our auditing process must help you achieve this and provide MORE opportunities for loss of revenue than ever before. To say we are EXCITED is an understatement. The formulas, strategies and in-depth analysis which I have compiled after months of industry research is next level.

Our brand new Klaviyo account audit is designed to show you the potential your Klaviyo account has to recover more sales for your brand. Using specialist eCommerce Email Marketing, eCommerce Growth Strategy and eCommerce Conversion Optimisation techniques, our small team will deliver you Klaviyo account audit like no other. The audit will be compiled through our notion portal and will act as your ongoing reference and guide to the ultimate growth of your Klaviyo account. Upon reviewing your Klaviyo Audit, you’ll see that there is an extensive list of action items covered, which include;

  • Results
  • An overall score
  • A multiplier it refers to
  • Impact in terms of dollar value
  • Effort required to complete

We encourage all brands of any size and magnitude to take advantage of this, to provide you with the secret sauce and binding framework to be successful in today’s market. As we are a small team with one niche focus, we sadly can’t work with every brand as we pride ourselves on being a slow growing business. However, we do let you in on our framework and secret sauce to move forward confidently! We are also working and eloping our online course to launch very very soon. So, if you’re looking for a DIY approach following the audit. Sign up to our waitlist and you’ll be the very first to hear!