Want to discover the missed opportunities and lost sales within your Klaviyo account and improve on your overall eCommerce email marketing strategy?

Our audit is designed to show you the potential your Klaviyo account has to recover more sales for your brand. Using specialist eCommerce Email Marketing, eCommerce Growth Strategy and eCommerce Conversion Optimisation techniques, our team will deliver you a free Klaviyo account audit like no other.

While our custom Klaviyo Account Audit is free, please note that our email marketing services average between 50k-65k per year and is for brands with a budget to spend on our Klaviyo email marketing services. 


What is the Klaviyo Account Audit?

Our free Klaviyo Account Audit is a data driven assessment of the effectiveness and opportunities of your Klaviyo account or existing ESP if you’re looking to move to Klaviyo.

It’s crafted and developed using core data by eCommerce Marketing Specialist and Klaviyo Platinum Partner Brynley King and the team at eCommerce Growth by Brynley King. This custom audit is first developed in house (approximately within 1 week) and then delivered to it’s recipient via a Zoom call and led by one of our team members. The Free Klaviyo Account Audit document and action items are all free of charge with no cost to you.

How does this help me and my brand?

We will collect data from our audit and craft a PDF of our findings that will help you with the following:

● Convert more site traffic into email subscribers and customers using Klaviyo
● Convert more existing customers into repeat purchases using Klaviyo
● Create more strategic opt-ins using Klaviyo
● Create more strategic automations (flows) using Klaviyo
● Create a more strategic campaign strategy using Klaviyo
● Help increase your AOV with customised recommendations
● And more

Who is the right fit for a Klaviyo account audit?

Brands who:

● Are willing to dedicate a budget to improving their email marketing using Klaviyo
● Are using Klaviyo or looking to move their existing ESP to Klaviyo
● Are spending monthly budgets towards paid traffic such as Facebook and Google Ads and are not converting this traffic into buyers
● Are dealing with low conversion rates and are looking to increase them
● Are suffering from a lot of users adding to cart but not converting
● Are looking to increase their AOV 
● Are looking for a 12 month growth strategy that will help determine direct KPI’s in order to double their sales
● Are looking to harness the opportunities of email marketing to become more profitable

What’s included in the Free Klaviyo Account Audit?

● A custom account audit based on your Klaviyo account and 12 month growth plan based on your stores historical 12 months of key metrics
● A PDF outlining our recommendations in an easy to follow and actionable way
● A personal review of your audit with Bryn or one of our eCommerce Marketing Specialists

Our report outlines the following:

● Key areas of improvement of your stores metrics
● KPI’s to hit for the next 12 months if you’d like to double your stores revenue
● What flows your account should improve on and the opportunities within the account
● What signup forms your account needs to improve on and the opportunities within the account
● What campaigns your account needs to improve on and the opportunities within the account
● Any potential road blocks you might have in your account on the road to success
● Any potential deliverability issues you may be facing and tips to improve on these
● How eCommerce Growth by Brynley King can help you to build on these opportunities moving forward

What information will I be required to share with the team?

Please note that your privacy and confidentiality is paramount to us at eCommerce Growth by Brynley King. All Free Klaviyo Account Audits will be sent a NDA for your peace of mind.

We’ll require the following access and information:

● Admin access to your Klaviyo account or email marketing account if you’re looking to move over to Klaviyo
● A screenshot of the third party apps and plugins you are using or intend to use in your eCommerce store
● Screenshots of your stores metrics for the last 365 days including your conversion funnel metrics, AOV metric, online store session metrics and returning customer rate metrics.

Why do you require the following information?

In order for us to conduct a customised and accurate account audit, we need the following information to show you the true potential of your account and list the possible opportunities and weaknesses within your stores metrics. Your custom growth strategy will be created based on the information you provide to us.

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