FREE RESOURCE: 2021 eCommerce Marketing Calendar

Our exclusive eCommerce Marketing Calendar is a comprehensive tool to help you plan and implement your marketing efforts in 2021. At eCommerce Growth, we’re big enthusiasts for organisation and believe that every brand needs an eCommerce marketing calendar to drive productivity and enhance the omnichannel experience. This is why our calendar is not only targeted at your email marketing, but also covers a range of other digital platforms to ensure your branding is consistent across the board. 

So what makes our calendar so special, you ask? 

Well, we’ve made sure to put some of our eCommerce Growth magic into this one - featuring some of our very own tried and tested marketing tactics. Included as an “Ideas Database”, we’re offering exclusive suggestions to optimise your holiday-related marketing efforts and ensure your brand is prepared for those known and undiscovered holidays/events. We’ve made sure to include both Australian and international holidays for those operating worldwide too. Additionally, we’ll give you access to a resource drive filled with examples of best-practice holiday marketing we love (and think you’ll love too).

What else? The calendar is broken down by day, week and quarter to allow for any type of marketing plans you may have. The best thing is that you can get your entire team on board using it too. With a section for Web Design, Product Development, Paid Advertising, Organic Socials and PR activity, we’ve got your entire eCommerce omnichannel experience covered with this one.

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