Klaviyo Account Audit

Klaviyo Account Audit

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Focusing on our core growth strategy formula and using Notion, this is a custom-built, strategically in-depth Account Audit, Strategic Action Plan & Guide that will house every touchpoint of your account's strategic work covering our internal model and framework of Audit → Strategy → Action Plan → Implementation → Reporting & Repeat process.

The audit informs the strategy, which informs the action plan, implementation and every step in between. With our reporting analysis and repeat the process framework, we'll go through every touchpoint first and then continue to cycle through them, again and again, to build on what we've learnt and optimise every touchpoint.

This new audit will benefit your growth strategies in the year ahead, focusing on the following:

  • Your Klaviyo Email & SMS return on investment and a higher return from our output of hours.
  • More in-depth analytics and reporting will inform much more productive insights into how we can collectively elevate and optimise your work and your decisions around your entire owned marketing strategies.
  • More in-depth analytics and actionable insights to inform your greater eCommerce Marketing strategy.
  • More in-depth analytics and reporting on how we can help your brand to become more profitable using Klaviyo.
  • Helping you and your extended internal team to up skill in the work we do for your Klaviyo account. This, in turn, will help your brand tremendously to understand the work we do and the strategies we're working to.

Upon reviewing your Klaviyo Audit, you’ll see that there is an extensive list of action items covered within the account that include results, an overall score, which multiplier the point refers to, impact in terms of dollar value and the effort required to complete each area. 

Each audit action point also covers a section for notes & remarks as well as the ability for each point to be opened into its own page for future use for growth and note taking and for maximum efficiencies and productivity when working on your account.

In short, this resource is your very own Klaviyo strategy and guide to help you reach your growth goals with the help of myself and the eCommerce Growth team. 

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