Top 20 Twitter Tips for Business

Twitter much like Facebook is a major engagement channel and best used for social listening, social influencing and social networking. Twitter is a social platform that allows you to Tweet up to 140 characters to your followers.


According to here is the difference between Twitter and other social media platforms.


  • Facebook: A tweet is like a short Facebook status update. However, with Twitter, every tweet arrives at every follower’s feed, unlike the filter of Facebook’s EdgeRank.
  • Pinterest: Twitter allows you to share photographs and provide commentary in your tweet. However, with Twitter, it’s much easier to have conversation around a shared image than with the comment feature on Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn: A tweet is like a short LinkedIn status update. While LinkedIn is based on trust relationships (and two-way agreements), Twitter allows you to follow anyone, including strangers. This is helpful when you target potential customers.
  • Google+: A tweet is like a short Google+ status update. Twitter also allows you to organize people into lists that organize conversations similar to Google+ groups.
  • YouTube: A tweet can contain a link to a video. However, Twitter doesn’t allow you to create a channel or organize your videos for easy location and commentary.


Below are my following top 20 Twitter tips for business!



1. Create a Twitter page for your business.



2. Create a username that identifies and brands your business.



3. Write a captivating bio that clearly defines what you do.



4. Ensure you include a link in your bio copy and not just in the URL section.



5. Use your header as a place to put a promotional image about your brand.



6. Host your own Twitter chat and participate in them!



7. Tweet more frequently! According to Tweeting up to 15 times per day can increase your visibility.

Keep an eye on your analytics however and monitor if it is worth putting more time into something that may not be working.



8. Follow your favourite influencers and use Twitter lists so you never miss an update.



9. Ensure you only stick to two hashtags per post on Twitter!



10. Tweet helpful advice and tips to stand out on Twitter.



11. Pin Tweets to the top of your profile to receive more retweets.



12. Don’t start Tweets with an @ symbol!



13. Increase click throughs by adding your link 25% of the way into your Tweet.



14. Use visual images in your Tweets to add a touch of personality and encourage higher Tweet engagement rates.



15. Ask questions to engage with your audience and turn Tweets into conversion starters.



16. Encourage users to follow you by hosting competitions, offering discounts and posting exclusive content.



17. Engage with your audience, share other members tweets and comments and create conversions.

After all, Twitter is another social media platform for networking, not just influencing.



18. Change the visual branding of your Twitter account to stand out and showcase your brand and offering.



19. Encourage your website traffic to follow you on Twitter.



20. Create a specific Twitter landing page to introduce people to your business!

As Twitter only allows 160 characters for your bio, setting up a specific and targeted Twitter landing page is a great way to show people what you do, details about your business or service, what you Tweet about and a clear call to action!


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