How to Use Facebook for Business: 12 Facebook Marketing Tips to add to your Social Media Strategy

According to, worldwide there are over 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q3 2017, which is a 16% increase year over year. If you are having any doubts about using Facebook for your business or brand, statistically, Facebook is too large to ignore.


While organic engagement is at an all-time low, Facebook is a great place to consider a cost-effective Facebook ad strategy like retargeting ads to warm and hot traffic. As a major engagement channel, it is also a great place to engage with your prospects and for social listening, social influencing and social networking.


If you are going to use Facebook organically, using a program like CoSchedule, is a great tool to post on your Facebook page and to promote your brand, but allows you to schedule posts for weeks or months in advance, so you can spend more time working on other aspects of your business.


1. Create a Facebook group for your brand or business.



2. Network in other Facebook business groups.



3. Ensure you have an active Facebook Business Page.



4. Audit your Facebook page and look back at the last ten posts.

Determine whether or not you have an even balance of social listening, social influencing, social networking and social selling, take notes and amend in your social media plan.



5. Check your Facebook pages critical information such as bio, address, phone number etc. and ensure everything is correct and up to date.



6. Experiment with Facebook Live and ensure you have clear Call to Action for your audience to take.



7. Link your personal profile to your business page.



8. Link your business page to your website.



9. Create a cover photo that has a clear Call to Action and utilise your button!



10. Make sure your posts are 80% value and 20% business!



11. Pin your most popular or information content with a clear call to action on the top of your feed.



12. Create a custom Facebook tab that leads to a specific landing page.

This can be a great opt-in incentive to drive your subscriber rates for anyone that visits your Facebook page.


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