Email Marketing 101: 47 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Grow your eCommerce Store in 2018

Did you know that 79% of all carts are abandoned? That’s $376 lost for every $100 made! Did you know that on average 33% of your online revenue comes from email marketing? Or that, according to Klaviyo, sending a Welcome Series flow, the average store generates $8,527 a month and $4.75 per email! 


Email Marketing is the number one most effective channel for eCommerce businesses and lucky for you, apart from creating webstores - it's my specialty. A good eCommerce conversion rate will hover at about 3-5%. That means, then, on average, 95-97% of the people who come to your website will leave without ever buying a single thing.    


Capturing the email addresses of those 95-97% of people and building engagement through email is your most cost-effective route to turning these browsers into buyers and retaining existing customers. Too many agencies in digital marketing preach social media is where you need to be, but for me email marketing is everything.


With email marketing, there are no algorithms or payments required every time you want 2%+ of your audience to see your brands message. With only 2% of your Facebook page fans ever seeing your posts and an average email open rate of 21.73% for all industries in 2017, you can guarantee that developing an email marketing strategy for your business in 2018 will set your online business up for some serious growth.



1. Ensure your website has a clear opt-in opportunity.

Add a newsletter signup option to your website above the fold, in your footer and under your blog posts.



2. Tell your subscribers what to expect when they sign up for your emails.

For example, on my website, my newsletter states that “Every month, I’ll send you a new free guide to implement in your online business.” I am telling my subscribers what to expect and how often they will receive updates from me.



3. Ensure all of your emails are clear to read and scannable, just like product descriptions.

Adding multiple styles of headers, images and bullet points etc. will help your readers scan through your information and easily find the type of information they are searching for.



4. If you are using Shopify for your eCommerce platform, a great email marketing system to integrate into your store is Klaviyo.

Klaviyo is my favourite email marketing tool for eCommerce.



5. Create a Welcome Series Flow.

According to Klaviyosending a Welcome Series flow; the average store generates $8,527 a month and $4.75 per email!



6. Create an Abandoned Cart Flow.

According to Recart, did you know that 79% of all carts are abandoned? That’s $376 lost for every $100 made!



7. Create Customer Win-Back Campaigns.

A customer win-back campaign can be automated in your Klaviyo account, and after 60-90 days you can automate a campaign to re-engage with your consumers.



8. Create a New Customer Thank You Flow.



9. Create a Product Review/Cross Sell Flow.

This a great email to ask for reviews and automatically cross-sell another potential product they may like to try with an incentive like a discount!



10. Optimise your Order Confirmation Emails.

According to Experian, Email Benchmark Report; these have 2-5% more revenue and open rates that standard bulk emails.



11. Optimise your Purchase Receipts/ Customer Invoices.



12. Segment your subscribers and send emails accordingly.



13. Personalise all emails to your subscribers by using their name and as a bonus, ask them to respond to your email for increased personalisation.



14. Create a promotional asset sheet for every product or service you have.

Doing this will help you evaluate what products you have been promoting and ones you may have missed that you can add to your promotional calendar. Things to include are:


  • Name of your product or service
  • Price (full price & sale price)
  • Where the transaction occurs in your business
  • Information regarding if you have sold it via email before and how it went
  • When it was last promoted via email



15. Create a 12-month revenue goal calendar for your email marketing promotional calendar.

Add in each month’s important dates first, mark your slower and busier months and then set revenue goals for each month. For example, December you may have a higher revenue goal with Christmas and a promotion like a “12 Days of Christmas” campaign.



16. Create an activation campaign.

This could include offering a low dollar deal to activate buyers who have not purchased from you in a while.



17. Create a segmentation list for your subscribers.

If you are using Klaviyo, you can easily segment this automatically, but if you are using another platform like Mail Chimp, ask your subscribers what content they would like to see or participate in and only talk to those who took action.



18. Stuck for ideas? Try a wildcard campaign at the end of every month.

A wildcard campaign will help you test new promotions or ideas.



19. Create a 90-day (3-month) email marketing calendar and try and send your subscribers one email per week filled with valuable content.



20. Research when it is the best time to send your emails for opens and click-throughs and stick to it.



21. Send an email every time you launch a new long-form blog post with a tonne of free value.



22. Create a landing page and build a survey online that prospects can only get the answer to if they opt-in with their email address!

This will help dramatically develop your email subscribers list.



23. Create multiple offers on your website to increase the number of segmented subscribers you have.

This could be actioned via your blog with the types of different topics you have written about and incentivised with varying types of gated content, like downloadable checklists or eBooks.



24. Offer a subscriber-only discount for those who sign up to your list on your eCommerce store.



25. Host a webinar about your products or services and make signing up a requirement for viewing your webinar.



26. Host a contest and create a landing page with a required email sign up as a requirement for entry!



27. Ensure your homepage (your most viewed page) has a clear opt-in incentive to drive the growth of your subscriber’s list.



28. Create a specific landing page for your social media links with a clear opt-in at the top of the page.

This will help grow your social media traffic into email subscribers.



29. Post about your exclusive newsletter content on social media and ask your subscribers to sign up.

You can add these types of social media posts into your strategy in various posts throughout the month to reach more viewers that may not see your posts with the algorithms.



30. Collaborate with a similar brand or multiple brands with a competition or giveaway and share your entrant’s emails together.

(Providing your entrants know the terms of entry and that they will be subscribed to everyone’s list.) This will allow you to supercharge your list growth in a matter of a few days.



31. Offer your flash sales to your email subscribers only and clearly write on your opt-in box that only subscribers receive these types of updates.



32. Encourage your subscribers to share your content on social media or forward your content to a friend.

You can easily set this up by adding this to the footer of your email marketing campaigns and asking them to share or forward it.



33. Add opt-in email incentives to your email signature.

This will help convert your regular day to day email recipients into email subscribers on your list.



34. Add a clear opt-in call to action on all the guest blog posts you participate in.



35. Collect email addresses at offline events.

This could be at tradeshows to grow your segmented B2B list or via your shop counter where you ask customers face to face if they would like to be added to your list.


36. Host an event or workshop and ask people to RSVP with their email addresses.



37. Offer a discount or monetary amount off their order on their birthday for signing up.



38. Offer your subscribers more choices, like how many times they want to hear from you and what topics they are interested in learning about.

This will also help segment your list.



39. Add content upgrades to all of your blog posts like a bonus printable PDF they can use in their business.



40. Ask members of Facebook groups to message you if they would like your gated content.



41. Add an opt-in incentive to every page on your website.

This will help ensure that no matter what page your traffic lands on, they are presented with an opt-in incentive.



42. Add an exit popup to your website to encourage your traffic to sign up to receive a discount on your products.

This can be a really useful tool for eCommerce related websites.



43. Add social proof as to how many people have signed up to your website and are loving it!



44. Write your copy to your potential email subscribers as if you are talking to them one on one and make it personalised.

This will help build a stronger relationship with your subscribers and help you build trust and rapport with your prospects.



45. Add an opt-in to your eCommerce checkout so your buyers can automatically be added to your mailing list.



46. Have a clear anti-spam policy.

Include copy such as “We have an anti-spam policy and your email is safe. We will never give your information to any third party.”



47. Add your email opt-in to all of your bios on social media.


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