9 Powerful Branding Tips to Excel Your Online Business

Branding is the way we communicate with our customers, differentiate from our competitors and is how we create a name for ourselves in a world full of businesses and services.


When creating your brand, it’s crucial to think about everything from your logo, to your website, colour scheme, writing style and overall look and feel. Creating a rock-solid brand strategy at the inception of your business will help set you up for growth and success.


Creating a brand is not just about the visual appeal of your business but is also about the tone in which you will speak to your consumers and how your audience will recognise you.


It is essential through your branding to create value, be consistent and to be authentically you.


The following 9 tips are ways to help build your branding and overall brand strategy in the right direction.




1. Ensure your business has a ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ (USP) and if not create one.



2. Write down all of your brands beliefs and values and stick to it, make sure you add this to your website ‘about me’ page as well.



3. Empower all of your employees to become your brand ambassadors and encourage them to promote your products and or services.



4. Re-evaluate your brand identity and ensure your colours, fonts and images are cohesive and appealing to your target audience.



5. Ensure your business cards are current and up to date and if you don’t have any, organise them!



6. Ensure your email signature clearly defines who you are and what you do. If possible, ask a designer to create you a custom one which will help you stand out in your emails.



7. This is the year for professional headshot's! Invest in some headshot's to take your branding to the next level.



8. Evaluate all of your digital stationary including your quotes, invoices, newsletter header and footers and letterhead and adjust accordingly to suit your branding and consistency of your online channels.



9. Confirm that your email address is a personalised email address and if it is not, create one.


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