17 Actionable Tips to Raise Your Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform for showcasing your expertise, building your brands presence and finding like-minded people to connect with. You can create a profile that highlights your professional story, describes your skills and attributes and builds trust with your peers.


You can develop a LinkedIn company page and boost your companies brand, message and story. With that level of professional engagement, LinkedIn is a social network your business cannot afford to ignore.


As of 1st of January 2018, there were recorded 250 million total monthly active LinkedIn users. Below are my following top 17 actionable tips to raise your profile on LinkedIn.



1. Customise your profiles URL.



2. For service based businesses, add a ProFinder Badge to your website so people can view how many recommendations you have and can also find your services via ProFinder.



3. Create a LinkedIn Company Page for your business.

You can develop a LinkedIn company page and boost your companies brand, message and story.



4. Promote your company page in as many places as possible.

For example, adding links to emails, blog posts and websites and encouraging people to follow it.



5. Publish your best and most engaging content on your company and personal page.



6. Share any case studies, success stories and inspiration to help build your profile in LinkedIn.



7. Create a LinkedIn Group for your audience and inspire them with content that will help build their skills.



8. Join LinkedIn groups relating to your industry and actively engage with members.



9. Add your LinkedIn page and Company Page follow and share buttons on your website.



10. Ensure all of your text is SEO friendly so you are easily found in LinkedIn’s search function for key terms in which you would like to be associated with.



11. Use keywords in your headline.

Your headline is the first thing people will see when they go to your profile, so make it count!



12. Ask your connections for endorsements and reviews.



13. Ask for recommendations.

The easiest way is to write a list of all of your LinkedIn connections you have directly worked with, and ask them to write a recommendation. Another good way is too write recommendations for your colleagues first and increase the odds that they will return the favour.



14. Write a killer summary and remember to edit, edit, edit!

LinkedIn isn’t the platform for typos and grammatical errors.



15. Personalise your invitations to connect with people.



16. Create custom links for your online text and add keywords when you customise it!



17. Rearrange your profile to showcase your most extensive and highlighting information first.


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