15 Must Have Social Media Marketing Tips for Business

There have never been more ways to engage and connect with your customers online. However, it can be challenging to keep up with the increasing amounts of social media changes and adopting more channels in your business. According to HubSpot, 1/3 of the world uses social networks regularly. Engaging on social media regularly is only going to help your business or brand reach more potential prospects and develop a broader audience.


It is essential to create a social media strategy that defines what social media channel is right for you and use a mixture of engagement and seeker channels to relay your brand’s message. Within your strategy, it is vital to adopt an even level of social listening, social influencing, social networking and social selling. This ensures that your connecting with your audience on a proportional level and for example, not overselling or over influencing.


It is crucial to not only use social media but to keep your brands authenticity. If you are going to introduce automation into your social media mix, only use automation in social selling and influencing. Using bots to engage with followers and with social listening can have damaging effects on your overall strategy.



1. According to Cochedule.com, after ten studies they went through, they have determined that the winning combination for how often to post on social media per day is:


15 Twitter updates

1-2 Facebook posts

1 LinkedIn post (4 a week if not possible!)

9 Pinterest pins

2 Google+ posts



2. Implement and schedule a full month of social media posts. My favourite scheduling tools to use is CoSchedule, Plann and Preview!



3. Don’t go for large follower counts, focus on engagement.



4. Add value first and sell later!



5. Use the same photo on all of your accounts!



6. Ensure you respond to all comments on all channels.



7. Engage with your audience as much as you influence; this is such an important part of social media that most people fail to do.



8. Across all of your channels offer competitions, freebies and promotions to continually get your audience coming back for more.



9. Take people behind the screens of your business and show them how you operate, your culture and why your brand is so special.



10. Go through every single channel and clean them up. Add cohesive images, consistent bios with added value and a call to action with every profile.



11. Think about what types of challenges you can run on social media and implement them! They could be a 7-day healthy eating challenge or 30 days of blog writing challenge for example.



12. Create polls to increase engagement on your pages!



13. Only use automation in social media for social selling and social influencing, it can look really disingenuous if you are using bots for social networking and social listening.



14. Start a Meetup group in your area on meetup.com and engage with like-minded people.



15. Create an online competition or giveaway.


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