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13 Tips to Include in your Paid Traffic & Customer Acquisition Strategy

Paid traffic and customer acquisition marketing is about researching where your customers are hanging out online and engaging with them through various pieces of content to move them down the customer journey funnel.


A customer’s journey starts with creating awareness before moving to the evaluation stage and lastly, creating a conversion. These series of actions in a customer’s journey are more than just driving traffic to a website. This system is about building a relationship with your consumers as you move them along your paid traffic funnel.


There are three campaigns you can run to cold, warm and how traffic that have a specific objective or goal:


  1. Introduce your business to people in your market who have never heard of you before (indoctrination) – this could be a blog post about a particular topic in your niche.
  2. Converting a site visitor to a lead (acquisition) – you can generate leads by having your cold traffic take action such as opting-in to your email subscribers list or buy seller a low dollar offers to prospects.
  3. Selling a high dollar product to your best, repeat customers (monetisation) – these customers will generally come from your email subscribers list after you have built a relationship and rapport with them.


    The following 13 tips are ways to help build your paid traffic and customer acquisition strategy:




    1. Research where your customers are hanging out online, you will want to be present there so you can engage with them.

    For example, your audience may be hanging out on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, so these are the platforms where you would use paid advertising.



    2. Research your customers and create a ‘customer avatar’ for each.

    Include the following information and make as many as you have to for the different demographics of your customers.


    • Age
    • Gender
    • Location
    • Marital Status
    • Income & Occupation
    • Specific interests like, books, blogs, authority figures



    3. Ensure Facebook Pixel is set up on your website.



    4. Create a list of all the pain points your target audience have and how you can help overcome them.


    5. Create a list of cold traffic offers you could create to engage with your cold audience (people who do not know you) to build trust.

    For example, blog posts, lead magnets or a webinar.



    6. Create a list of warm traffic offers you could create to engage with your warm audience (people who have opted-in for your lead magnet for example, but haven’t bought form you yet) to acquire customers.

    For example, this could be a low dollar offer or a flash sale.



    7. Prepare a plan for your hot traffic (these are people who have bought from you before!)

    Keep in mind you will want to increase their value as a customer or get them to buy again. A hot traffic strategy could include an automated customer win back campaign via email or retargeting ads.



    8. Use Facebook Custom Audiences to build segmented audiences for each category of content you have on your website.

    For example, if you blog about various aspects of digital marketing choose keywords for each topic such as SEO, Content Marketing or Blogging etc. and create a custom audience for each. That way, every time someone visits your page you will populate them on your Facebook custom audience and be able to retarget products to them that they might be interested in down the track.



    9. Create a list of ad copy and creative images to A/B test.

    Don’t forget that you can also use video for ads!



    10. Test an ad on Twitter!

    Twitter is very similar to Facebook, being that you can reach almost any market!



    11. If you are more of a B2B orientated business, why not try advertising on LinkedIn?

    It is more expensive to advertise on LinkedIn, but if you are selling wholesale for example or looking to acquire new clients for your service based business it can be really valuable.



    12. If you are looking to obtain more sales, try Google AdWords.

    Google AdWords are catching people in the moment, when they are actively looking for a solution.



    13. Test retargeting ads on YouTube!

    YouTube is a great platform for retargeting or running traffic to cold audiences.


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