13 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Your Instagram Page

Instagram is an interesting hybrid mix of an engagement and seeker channel. With the boom of Instagram advertising, Instagram stories and now the capability to follow hashtags it’s a great time to utilise Instagram for your business.


To gain the most from using Instagram for your business, start by setting up an Instagram business account and setting goals for how you want to use Instagram to boost your business. It could be to drive more conversion, gather more email opt-ins or engage with more prospects.


Then create an Instagram content strategy and determine how you will stand out and be creative using Instagram for your business. A great way to create a beautifully curated Instagram feed is to use an Instagram feed planner for your business such as Preview. These types of programs allow you to plan, schedule and analyse the results of your Instagram feed quickly and easily and gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.


Below are 13 helpful tips and tricks for utilising Instagram in your business.


1. Ensure you have an active Instagram Page. Using a feed scheduler like Preview or Plann will help you schedule your content in bulk.



2. Create a cohesive Instagram page and pick a palette that matches your branding.



3. Research the best hashtags for your business.



4. Write more engaging captions by asking questions to start a discussion.



5. Use Instagram stories to promote your brand as much as you can.


6. Create a strategy to deliver private content to your story followers; this could include freebies or downloadable’s that only your viewers can access.



7. Encourage your viewers to engage with you and reply to your stories.

Where possible ask questions and request replies.



8. Instagram stories are great for flash sales and offering exclusive discounts.

Promote on your stories that this is where you will offer flash sales, giveaways etc.



9. Audit your Instagram page and look back at the last ten posts.

Determine whether or not you have an even balance of social listening, social influencing, social networking and social selling, take notes and amend in your social media plan.



10. Check your Instagram pages bio and ensure everything is correct and up to date.

Do you have a clear Call to Action for prospects?



11. Write a list of potential and relevant influences to reach out too.



12. Do you have an eCommerce based business or selling your services online? Create a shoppable Instagram page using an app like ‘Shoppable Instagram Galleries’ on Shopify.

It will create a shoppable Instagram gallery for you for customers to purchase directly from. https://apps.shopify.com/instagram-photos?rating=1#reviews



13. Every day, try to say hi to new followers on their posts.

It will help build your engagement.


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