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12 Actionable Tips for Improving your Website and its Pages

The goal of driving traffic to your website is to get them to complete an action. Whether it be, to sell a product, opt-in to your newsletter or fill out a form. Too many website developers, build sites to look pretty but fail to think about the overall goal of why you are leading traffic to your website.


According to Econsultancy, 2016, for every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them. Quite shocking, I know, but let me ask you this, how many times have you spent money running ads to drive traffic to your website without spending time or money to increase your conversion rates on your website?


Increasing conversion rates on your website could be by simply adding a shipping information page or a frequently asked questions page to answer a question that they might have that is preventing them from turning into a paying customer.


The following list is 12 actionable tips to include in your website and if you don’t have the suggested pages, create them and measure your lead generation and conversion rates to see how successful they have been in your online business.




1. Make sure your website and all of its pages are crystal clear with who you are and what you do.

(Don’t forget from blog posts and images, people can land on various pages apart from your homepage so ensure what you do really stands out.

2. Create a free online resource library. In a nutshell, creating a Free Online Resource Library is like building a password protected resource hub filled with exclusive free content for your subscribers.

You give your audience valuable content in exchange for their email address! Win Win!


3. Experiment with landing pages and A/B test how effective they are in your business.

My favourite tool for landing pages are LeadPages and Zipify Pages for eCommerce!


4. Create a page purely for social proof, reviews and testimonies.


5. Create a press page and add all of your press mentions into this page to show your authority on your industry!


6. Create a gallery page where you showcase all of the images of your product and service.

For eCommerce, this is great to show consumers your products in action in one long continuous scroll page.


7. Create a FAQ page to add value to both your business and your customers.


8. Create and customise a Thank You Page for your customers to land on after they opt-in or purchase from your website.


9. Create a Why Buy from Us Page and in dot points with plenty of imagery or a video, explain why people should buy from you.


10. Create a Shipping Information Page and ensure you include an estimated delivery time so your customers know what to expect when ordering from your store.


11. Add a Privacy Policy page to your website and clearly add it to the footer of your website.



12. Add a Terms and Conditions page your website and clearly add it to the footer of your website.



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